• Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy finishes, as in our name, is a big part of our business because it is a strong, durable coating perfect for almost any application, from garages, showrooms, hospitality and retail to commercial kitchens and warehouses.

    We specialize in designer epoxy floors but are industrial epoxy contractors as well. We have completed flooring projects for industrial warehouses, distribution facilities, schools, hospitals, veterinarian clinics, fire and police stations and garages. Industrial applications are typically solid in color, ranging from white, gray, beige or other basic colors. These floors not only add durability and lengthen the life of a floor by preventing damage but also add color. Epoxy is the perfect solution for any high traffic area that may see wear and tear. Proper floor coatings will help prevent this damage and are easy to keep clean. An Epoxy floor can be the solution to problems with areas that can face problems with spills and high amounts of traffic.

    This flooring system is designed to withstand heavy chemical and color stains and is easily cleaned as well as slip-resistant.

    Whether in a new construction application, a renovation project or for a concrete repair, proper application of epoxy floor finishes is critical to final appearance and long-term durability. The most important factor for ensuring the adhesion of an epoxy resinous coating is proper surface preparation. The correct preparation techniques require special equipment such as, shot blasting, scarifying and diamond grinding.

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