Acid Stain Concrete

Acid staining is a guaranteed method for transforming a concrete slab into a luxurious floor with an effect that resembles marble or glazed stone. 

Creating beautiful, primarily earth tone, colors including browns, reddish browns, and greens, acid staining is not a dyeing or pigment-base coloring system, but a chemical reaction. Custom blended chemicals react with the existing minerals and lime in the concrete over a period of one to four hours, creating stunning, unique effects on the concrete surface. The concrete surface is later scrubbed to remove excess stain and neutralized by a basic solution to help raise the ph level back to normal. Due to inconsistencies at the surface level of a concrete floor, acid staining creates a variegated or mottled appearance that is unique to each project. The color penetration ranges from 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch.