Epoxy Flooring

We’ve built our business centering on our premier service, epoxy flooring. It’s where we took our namesake, Epo-Tech.  We specialize in designer epoxy floors for residential and commercial applications. Our projects have ranged from industrial warehouses, distribution facilities, school, hospitals, veterinary clinics, fire and police stations and garages, among many more. Industrial applications are typically solid in color, ranging in neutral colors such as white, gray and beige. 

This flooring technique adds durability and increases the lifespan of a floor by preventing damage, while adding beautiful long lasting color. Epoxy is the perfect solution for any high traffic area that may see natural wear and tear. Properly executed epoxy floor coating helps prevent the damage of high use, and is effortless to clean. This flooring system is made to withstand even the strongest chemical and color stains, and has the advantage of being slip-resistant. 

Whether in a new construction application, or a renovation project, proper application of epoxy flooring is critical to final appearance and long-term durability. For perfect results, preparation of the surface is key. Our specialists come prepared with the required equipment to make your surface ready for epoxy with shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding.