Pool Deck Coating

Our coatings are particularly suited for pool areas because they resist damage from pool chemicals, prolonged sun exposure, and frequent water contact. The variety of colors and finishes we offer allows for customization to fit any design preference, transforming any pool deck into an attractive and inviting environment. Additionally, our coated floors are slip-resistant, adding a layer of safety to prevent accidents around wet areas, making it ideal for pool surroundings.

The longevity and ease of maintenance for our floors also make them a practical choice for pool decks. It’s easy to clean, helping to keep the area hygienic and visually appealing with minimal effort. For the best results, we ensure that the surface preparation is thorough; our team is equipped with the necessary tools like shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding to properly prepare the deck. Whether you’re looking to install a new pool deck or upgrade an existing one, Epo-Tech guarantees a smooth, durable, and beautiful finish that will enhance your outdoor space.